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Got couple big news coming so make sure to stay tune. Also my trip to Malaysia is about in 25 days, and updates will be up soon as well.

My Way To Malay


I still can believe that in few months i be taking my white naked ass to Malaysia this summer for 5 weeks. So excited to see this whole other culture that i am not usually use to, and just the thought of it makes my so fucking happy. The food, the people, the culture.. man, and the best part is, that the girl of my life is coming with me. This gonna be the first time me and her travel together. Oh boy.. oh boy I know, feels like a relationship test in some ways. But still excited dough :)

So i decited to do like video blogs for my time being there.
Imma try do them daily and but short and hopefully they will be up on my youtube account. !!!!!
And im starting the first one in May:28. So be on the look out.
Also imma use my HTC ONE phone for recording.

Humble and bless for this opportunity.

Unforgettable Moment!

Unforgettable Moment!

Im proud of my body of work, no mather what any one says .. I did it my way !! I remember the times i didnt pay attention at school, writing lyrics on back of my homework.. every litle space there was i use to fill it upp with all kind of rhymes. Been making music every sense! I Love Hip Hop I Just Dont Love It All! Its a hobby, more like a passion. First time a did a song for the whole crowed.. what a rush man. Moments like that i will never forget it. Imma shy guy, but with my music i can say exactly what i want, how i want, when ever i want and i wont give you a time of day expresing your hate toward me! Im good!
So no mather what you say .. Fuck you i did it my way !!